WP Optimiser – Traffic Game Changer for 2018?

WP OptimiserI have quite a few websites which I have been running for many years. All of them but one are using WordPress as a platform. I started using WordPress about 10 years ago. A guy I used to know approached me once and asked if I wanted to buy a blog he was running.


The subject of the blog was something close to my heart (magnesium salts), and I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I had to learn a lot about WordPress, and in a short period of time. It was hard at first but then got easier over the years.


Now I think I am ok at managing WordPress sites. I even tried to fix some simple coding a few times (never do it on an active theme – create a child theme!).


The reason I am telling you all this is that despite WordPress being my favourite and only platform I use, there are still many things which make me worry more often than I should. One of my big worries is not knowing how much traffic I am missing out on because of slow loading speed and what might be causing it.

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Niche & Sub-Niche – Why Segment Them?

"Which Niche?" guide helps you select the right niche from the start.In simple words, a niche is a sector of a market where people are engaged in similar activities.

Normally a niche covers a wide range of topics under the same umbrella. For example, a dog niche includes a huge number of topics, such as various dog breeds, dog training, dog food, etc. This means that if you decided to create a product about dogs, you would be competing with countless businesses and would never be able to make it.

However, what if you chose to cover just one breed? For example, German shepherds. It is still competitive, but not as competitive as the whole “dog” niche. Besides, if you were to create a great product and keep updating it with new information, you would be seen as an authority by your customers. They are much more likely to listen to you than to someone who talks about dogs in general. …Continue Reading

How You Can Use Niche Selection Skills to Create Multiple Income Streams

Which Niche? - a most comprehensive set of niche selection systems - guides, worksheets, mindmaps.

Having learned how to select lucrative niches, how could you start creating multiple income streams? I have put together a list of ideas for you to consider if you are still on the fence and don’t know what you would like to do. Here are some of them:

  • Set up a shop – your niche selection skills will help you decide on which products will sell, and which ones won’t. You will also make an informed decision about the market you would like to target, and decide on your marketing strategies.
  • Membership Sites – create as many sites as you like, set up drip-fed content, and profit for life. Membership sites are good because you don’t have to update them once you’ve set them up, in order to profit. It’s a good idea to do so though. …Continue Reading

Market, Niche & Subniche – What Is the Difference?

Market, niche & subniche - difference between them.There is often a confusion between the words “market” and “niche”. Sometimes people talking about niches actually refer to segments of certain markets.

In order to understand it, let’s have a look at these examples:

  1.  Labradors
  2. German shepherds.

The difference between them is pretty obvious. These are dogs of two different breeds. In terms of business, they are also two different niches.  …Continue Reading