Niche & Sub-Niche – Why Segment Them?

"Which Niche?" guide helps you select the right niche from the start.In simple words, a niche is a sector of a market where people are engaged in similar activities.

Normally a niche covers a wide range of topics under the same umbrella. For example, a dog niche includes a huge number of topics, such as various dog breeds, dog training, dog food, etc. This means that if you decided to create a product about dogs, you would be competing with countless businesses and would never be able to make it.

However, what if you chose to cover just one breed? For example, German shepherds. It is still competitive, but not as competitive as the whole “dog” niche. Besides, if you were to create a great product and keep updating it with new information, you would be seen as an authority by your customers. They are much more likely to listen to you than to someone who talks about dogs in general.

So what is a sub-niche then? A sub-niche is what we see when we break down a niche into segments.



  • Dogs – niche;
  • German shepherds – sub-niche.

We can keep breaking sub-niches into sub-sub-niches, and so on.


  • German shepherds – sub-niche;
  • German shepherd puppies – sub-sub-niche.

This can be narrowed down even further to a very specific niche. Why do it? The reason is that the “dogs” market is highly competitive. So if you narrow down your niche to a very specific segment, you stand a much better chance of getting noticed both by search engines and potential customers.

However, make sure that you research the niche first in order to establish that people are actually interested in it. If you find a fairly large number of monthly searches for the niche and not many websites in it, then you may have found potentially a very profitable niche! But this happens rarely. Most niches have already been “found”. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make money in it.

By segmenting a niche into sub-niches and sub-sub-niches and doing your keyword research, you will eventually find a potentially profitable niche to work with.

I suggest you do the following exercises:

1. Think about a wide niche.

2. Break it down into segments.

3. Choose one sub-niche.

3. Break that sub-niche into more segments.

4. Choose the one you would like to research.

5. Enter it into keyword generator.

6. Choose 3 key phrases which have at least 3 words in them.

7. Research using “Which Niche?” SEO Niche Selection System.

Write down the results. Do you see yourself working with the selected niche? Does it have commercial potential? Is there a lot of competition for the keywords you have selected?

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