Market, Niche & Subniche – What Is the Difference?

Market, niche & subniche - difference between them.There is often a confusion between the words “market” and “niche”. Sometimes people talking about niches actually refer to segments of certain markets.

In order to understand it, let’s have a look at these examples:

  1.  Labradors
  2. German shepherds.

The difference between them is pretty obvious. These are dogs of two different breeds. In terms of business, they are also two different niches. 

Now let’s looks at these examples: 

  1. Labrador owners
  2. German shepherd owners.

Are these two separate niches? I would say that they would be segments of a market – people we will direct our marketing efforts at once we have created our “Labrador” and “German shepherd” businesses. 

So what is a sub-niche?

A sub-niche is what we see when we break down a niche.


  1. Labradors – niche
  2. Labrador puppies – sub-niche.

We can keep breaking sub-niches into sub-sub-niches. 


  1. Labradors – niche
  2. Labrador puppies – sub-niche
  3. Black Labrador puppies – sub-sub-niche.

This can be narrowed down even further to a very specific niche. Why do it? The reason is that the “dogs” market is highly competitive. So if you narrow down your niche to a very specific segment, you stand a much better chance of getting noticed both by search engines and potential customers. However, make sure that you research the niche first in order to establish that people are actually interested in it. If you find a fairly large number of monthly searches for the niche and not many websites in it, then you may have found potentially a very profitable niche! 

Both market and niche need further research to establish if they have commercial potential. You can do this research using the SEO Niche Selection System of “Which Niche?”.


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