“Which Niche?” is a product I started creating when I got stuck deciding on a niche for my online business. I spent days thinking! Eventually, I thought that I was probably far from the only one finding niche selection such a hard nut to crack…

I read books, bought products on the subject of niche selection. I even bought a few pieces of software – Market Samurai being one of them. Evnatually I gathered quite a lot of information which I decided to put to good use by creating a package called “Which Niche?”

What does the product include?

It includes a guide which describes 3 niche selection systems and how they should be used. It also contains a range of mindmaps and worsheets to help anyone who is in the same situation I was then brainstorm niche ideas and make an informed decision.

There are also nice bonuses. The product has an upsell and a downsell which you may find very useful.

Generally, which niche is for you if you hate video courses and would rather learn the old fashioned way – by reading and following through with the instructions. I am this kind of person, and I know there are many who are like me.

But without further ado – I will let you decide for yourself. Go and take a look at what the product is about and if you have questions – send me a note.


Which Niche? - a most comprehensive set of niche selection systems - guides, worksheets, mindmaps.


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