Perhaps you only need to learn the basics of niche selection, and could also use help with ideas for your product? I have put together a pack just for you.

No need to spend days agonising over a niche.

I have done most of the work for you.

Just choose what you like from the list and follow the step-by-step instructions described in the guides & mindmaps.

Repeat as many times as you like.

Use for any online project you see as having potential. 

A List of More Than 500 Business Ideas

​You will see quite a few niches lists on the market if you do a search. However, a lot of them are PLR lists which have been used by thousands of people and therefore have lost their originality and value. Some of these lists are simply categories copied from Amazon and Ebay!

"500+ Quick Niche Finder" is 100% original content created by me for those of you who would like a quick start with your projects.

The choice of subjects in the list is not accidental, and reflects the most popular online (and even offline) niches.​

The best thing about it is that it can be modified or narrowed down to more specific sub-niches, and even further from there.

This goal of the List is to ensure that you never run out of ideas to work with.

And there is more. I have included the 500+ Quick Niche Finder Mindmap to make the process of niche selection even faster, the SEO-Based Niche Research Guide and Mindmap, and 2 great bonuses which I was planning to sell separately: "My Little Niche Wizard" ebook, and "From Idea to Launch" Mindmap.

The product aims to not only help you select a profitable niche, but also relevant keywords for it.

Looking for niche ideas can be a tough task. You need to use a number of sources to create your list of potential ideas. And then you need to find keywords for it, and research them for opportunities. With this list you will have a lot of ideas in one place which you can use as they are, or create sub-niches using the method described in the guide. 

What's in the Pack?

"500+ Quick Niche Finder" E-Book

The book contains a list of 500+ niche ideas and a description of how to generate as many sub-niches as you like. This really is the book to have if you want to cut the time and effort deciding on a potentially profitable niche.

Product Value = $47

"500+ Qucik Niche Finder" Mindmap

The mindmap is a quick way to see all the niches at once and speed up the decision making.

Product Value = $47

SEO Keyword Research Guide & Mindmap

The guide and mindmap will show you what you need to do to research the niche you have selected for viability, profitability and competition and how to select the right keywords for your chosen niche.

Product Value = $27


Bonus#1: "My Little Niche Wizard" E-Book

This is a brief version of the "Which Niche?" e-book. It includes a quick step-by-step niche research guide, as well as valuable tips which involve profitable niche selection.

Product Value = $20

Bonus#2: "From Idea to Launch" Mindmap

This is a step-by-step mindmap which covers the whole process from niche selection to product creation to marketing. Its aim is to show the steps you need to follow in order to create and launch your own product.

Product Value = $47

Total product value - $188

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